Tickets Pantha du Prince, Picknickkonzert mit Kopfhörern in Berlin

Tickets für Pantha du Prince Picknickkonzert mit Kopfhörern 02.09.20 in Berlin, Wiese vor dem silent green

Mittwoch 02.09.20
Einlass: 18:00, Beginn: 19:30
Wiese vor dem silent green, Gerichtstraße 35, 13347 Berlin

Tickets – Pantha du Prince Berlin


von der haardt, silent green und MARS | Küche & Bar präsentieren

Pantha du Prince (live)

Picknickkonzert mit Kopfhörern

Vor dem Altbau des silent green lädt eine grüne Wiese zum Verweilen ein. Sie ist die perfekte Kulisse für ein schönes Picknick und eine tolle Bühne für großartige Musiker*innen, die es nicht erwarten können endlich wieder live zu spielen. Wir statten euch mit hochwertigen Kopfhörern und einem Picknickpaket aus, ihr bringt Sitzkissen und -decken mit  – und gemeinsam genießen wir endlich wieder ein Konzert im silent green!

In front of the old building of silent green, a green meadow invites you to linger. It is the perfect backdrop for a nice picnic and a great stage for great musicians* who can't wait to play live again. We'll equip you with high quality headphones and a picnic package, you bring seat cushions and blankets - and together we'll finally enjoy a concert at silent green again!

Einige Hinweise zum Konzert:

  • Das Konzert findet im Freien statt, bei Schlechtwetterprognose wird die Veranstaltung entweder in die Betonhalle verlegt oder entfällt. Die Entscheidung wird am Veranstaltungstag ab ca. 15h bekannt gegeben
  • Es wird keine Bestuhlung geben, packt euch stattdessen Picknickdecken oder Sitzkissen ein.
  • Im Ticketpreis inbegriffen ist ein Picknickpaket mit folgendem Inhalt/Person: 1x Bowl (vegan), 1x süße Tüte, Besteck, Geschirr, Servietten
  • Es gilt Maskenpflicht bis ein Sitzplatz eingenommen wurde
  • Maximal vier Personen dürfen zusammensitzen
  • Bitte beachtet die nach wie vor geltenden Mindestabstände, die wir auf der Wiese entsprechend kennzeichnen werden
  • Bitte kommt rechtzeitig, um lange Warteschlangen zu vermeiden. Ab 18 Uhr sind Wiese und Getränkeverkauf für euch offen und wir geben die Picknickpakete aus.
  • Wir starten zeitig und enden zeitig, damit die Wiese unseren Nachbarn zuliebe um 22 Uhr leer ist
  • Personen mit erkennbaren Symptomen einer Atemwegsinfektion wird der Zugang verwehrt, ebenso Gästen, die nicht zur Einhaltung der Regeln bereit sind.
  • Wir empfehlen, die Corona Warn App der Bundesregierung zu verwenden.

Some notes on the concert:

  • The concert will take place outdoors, in case of bad weather forecast the event will either be moved into the concrete hall or cancelled. The decision will be announced on the day of the event from about 15h.
  • There will be no seating, so please bring picnic blankets or seat cushions instead.
  • The ticket price includes a picnic package with the following content/person: 1x Bowl, (vegan) 1x sweet bag, cutlery, dishes, napkins
  • Masks must be worn until a seat is taken
  • A maximum of four people may sit together
  • Please pay attention to the still valid distancing rules, which we will mark on the meadow accordingly
  • Please arrive in time to avoid long queues. From 18 o'clock on, the meadow and beverage sales are open for you and we hand out the picnic packages.
  • We start early and end early, so that the meadow is empty at 10 pm for the sake of our neighbours.
  • Persons with recognisable symptoms of respiratory tract infection are denied access, as well as guests who are not prepared to comply with the rules.
  • We recommend using the Corona Warn App of the Federal Government.

Hendrik Weber, better known as Pantha du Prince, Panthel or Glühen 4, was born in 1975 in Bad Wildungen, often referred to as the region's “Siberia”.

Weber, already a successful composer, producer and conceptual artist, published his debut album as Pantha du Prince entitled nowhere, in 2002. A few years later his first Studio album Diamond Daze (2004) appeared, followed by a Remix-12" (Butterfly Girl Versions, 2005), as well as new material (Lichten/Walden, 2006). His second studio album as Pantha du Prince was This Bliss (2007), which generated great interest among critics.

In 2010 he presented his third album Black Noise via London's legendary Rough Trade Records.

The label's founder, Geoff Travis personally introduced him to the English independent music institution, which has published many celebrated albums since its founding in the late 1970s. Black Noise with its digitalized, natural sounds of rustling and bells, is already considered a classic of its genre. For this phenomenal album, Weber was awarded with the distinguished German music award “Echo” in Berlin in 2011.

As Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory Weber was joined by the Norwegian composer Lars Petter Hagen. Together, they developed a modern musical piece in Oslo and Berlin in 2010. On The Bell Laboratory Weber and Hagen explore the soundscape of bells and melodic percussion, both rhythmically and tonally. The percussion piece is composed for a 64 bell carillon, to be accompanied by a six-person ensemble. The world premiere of this piece was celebrated enthusiastically in August 2011 at the Oya Festival in Oslo.

In May 2012, Weber presented his new project Ursprung, created together with Stephan Abry (who played with the artist Kai Althoff in the Kraut-Elektronika-Group “Workshop”). This project was performed live on-stage by a performance group. In 2015, Weber toured and performed with a new band-project called “The Triad”. He collaborated with old time friends and musicians Joachim Schütz, Stephan Abry, Scott Mou, Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg, Kassian Troyer, and Thilo Kuhn, working in a different constellation of three musicians for each track. Rather than monopolizing control over the project like so many producers and DJs, Weber allowed himself to rely on improvisation and empathy and embraced an inevitably time-consuming production process. The album came out in three different versions, the regular album, an ambient version (both via Rough Trade) and an additional remix version via Recondite’s Plangent Rec.

In September 2017, he collaborated with classical composer Arash Safaian on a remix project called Überbach, composed after two canons by the great Johann Sebastian Bach.

At the same time he began to work on his concept of Conference of Trees. The premiere took place in Hamburg on August 13th 2018. On Conference of Trees, Weber presents a unique combination of electronic music and traditional instruments as he explores and interprets the communication of trees and, based on this exploration, creates a phenomenal sound concept. Some of the sound sources and Instruments were crafted by himself. It’s a breakthrough recording of experimental music, visual poetry, club culture and speculative science. 

Additionally, Weber has composed remixes and arrangements for Depeche Mode, Animal Collective, Philipp Glass, Bloc Party, Hurts and Trentemöller.

Weber's work has been shown at solo and group exhibitions in numerous institutions and galleries. As recently as September 2019, he caught everyone’s attention with his great success as curator for the exhibition ”Kunst als Klang” at the Galerie Vittorio Manalese (the young gallery belonging to Bruno Brunnet's Contemporary Fine Arts).